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Roleplays Seeking Players




GM: Ru & Mozaic

Genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure.

Elements is Dearly Sweet’s massive world roleplay co-GMed by Ru and Mozaic.


The heart of it all takes place in the magical world of Kyon, mostly focused on the five main cities that surround the Forbidden Forest: Lilia, Estermallow, Akelea, Calore, and Inima.


In this world every fantasy creature imaginable coexists, though whether or not is peacefully is questionable. From elves to lamias; dragons to kitsune; and the list goes on. However, the true focus of this campaign is in a rare mutation more commonly known as Elemental.


It wasn’t until recent centuries that individuals presenting this genetic discovery were deemed Elementals. Prior to these scientific investigations common-folk had deemed it a miracle, gift from the Gods, or even a curse; but all concluded those bestowed with it were merely mages with an affinity to the elements.


As Lilia’s technology expanded and their prized Grand Laboratories grew to tower over the enormous city the study was finally conducted. Originally they had intended on merely attempting to understand the powers, but their goals warped the more the scientists studied this phenomenon. Soon they became obsessed with harnessing it and finding a means to replicate the gene once they deduce it wasn’t a gift at all. Thus beginning their morally questionable experiments...


The exploration and founding of Elementals is besides the point for this campaign, but necessary knowledge to truly grasp an understanding of your role. You are one of these Elemental beings born with the mutated gene allowing you to use one of the many elements. Whether you are seen as a gift, a curse, a guinea pig... is up to you.


Do you seek the destruction of non-Elementals? Do you desire to coexist with the rest of the world? Maybe neither. Maybe you have been dragged along with this group of outcasts thanks to the unforeseen forces tossing you there.


Are you ready to join the adventure?



The Doctor's Children

GM: Ru

Genre(s): Horror, Survival.

Barred and boarded windows with no means of going outside. Trapped inside a glorious mansion surrounded by other children living here. Hell? Heaven? Each resident has their own opinion on the matter. Are you one of the kids who wishes to remain here forever? Or one desperately finding a means to get back home?



Open the door to Märchenhaft a Fairy-Tale

GM: Mozaic

Genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure.

Outline the door. Knock three times while saying "eins, zwei, drei," for each knock. Pause for a moment as if to listen, and then say, "Cricket." This is how you open the door to Märchenhaft, a world where anything you can imagine comes to life.



Steal My Heart

GM: Ru

Genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure.

The legendary artifact known as Eilora's Heart is rumored to be resurfacing again. A supposedly all knowing object able to give the user any information they so desire — assuming they ask the right questions — that only appears when the fourth moon is turquoise in hue. Such a color only appears every 250 years for nine days and it is never in the same location twice. Will you get the item before it disappears?



They All Fall Down

GM: Mozaic

Genre(s): Mafia, Gangs.

In a city of blood, and greed two men have stepped forward to claim their spot in the quickly growing criminal empire. Their names are Mikel Lombardi and Larry Giordano. Set in America's 1923 in a city called Pedoma They All Fall Down is a mafia tale with people from all walks of life trying to both survive, and live their lives.



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